La Nostra Filiera

Environment and Community

Our vision is to always think and act in a way that benefit a common growth in our society and to tend to the actual need for social enrichment through sustainable production, in a perspective of mutual respect and constructive confrontation between people.
Our desire is to minimize the environmental impact of textile production, which we achieve through a virtuous process of regeneration, paying attention to resources without excluding any part of our supply chain.
This also done through the exclusive use of fabrics, coming from:

Natural yarns certified with "STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®". This is a system of control and certification independent for the whole textile world which evaluate everything from raw materials, semi-finished products to the final product, in all stages of processing, in order to obtain products free of potentially harmful substances. Any non-textile components in the manufacturing process are also examined. 

Being a SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS for Berto is not just an end goal, but a SHARED VALUE that concerns the company in all its peculiarities: from the purchase of raw materials, to the optimization of production processes, training and protection of employees.

BERTO uses RECOVER® yarn produced by HILATURAS FERRE, which includes the recycling of textile waste and garments from all over the world. Cotton RECOVER® is the yarn whose production has the least environmental impact in the world.

  • No dyes

  • No pesticides and fertilizer

  • Minimal water consumption

  • Almost zero CO2 production

  • Use of solar energy

100% reclaimed raw materials, specifically - post-consumer waste, including fishing nets, fluff (top of carpets and carpets) and rigid fabrics; pre-consumer waste, generated by the nylon 6 production cycle.
The reclaimed nylon thread ECONYL® transforms the waste problem into a solution for fashion and interior design. It is made entirely from nylon waste: fishing nets recovered from the oceans and aquaculture, Production waste and landfill rugs are collected and transformed into a new nylon thread that is used to create products without using new resources from the environment.

Recycled polyester 100% derived from post-consumer plastic bottles collected and processed entirely in Italy, from the polymer, obtained through a mechanical and non-chemical process, up to the production of the thread, through exclusive local production partnerships.
Newlife™ is a unique system, thanks to its know-how combined with a strong research process, a substantial investment in responsible innovation and a complete and patented process behind the project, 100% Made in Italy, Newlife™ stands out in terms of design, high performance, high quality and total respect for the environment.

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