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For Marta and Francesco, who are "designers and not fashion stylists", PINA is not a the fashion business project, but an industrial design one. It is for this reason that the architecture of their clothes steams not from a trend analysis but from an harmony research. It’s modular design on the human body. Among their influences are the works of Nanni Strada, Le Corbusier’s Modulor and Bruno Munari’s "Da cosa nasce cosa".
Their company designs and manufactures garments, using only Italian labour on the basis of the Life Cycle Design principles.

PINA was awarded the Regione Lazio fund for “Support and Development of Companies in the Cultural and Creative Fields”..


Marta Mucciante and Francesco Santarsia are part of the young and upcoming digital tailoring movement.


Marta Mucciante


Marta Mucciante, born in 1983, graduated in Architecture in Rome, studying for a time in Spain and Belgium. She worked as a freelancer and in design studios for a number of years. In 2015, pursuing her passion for Fashion Design, she enrolled in the Accademia di Belle Arti in Rome, graduating with a Master Degree in “Culture and Technologies in Fashion”. Life Cycle Design and the principles of self-production in industrial design are crucial in her professional path. At Pina, she is responsible for the development of the collections, prototyping and research.


Francesco Santarsia


Francesco Santarsia is in charge of managing the start-up phase of the company and developing the collections. Born in 1986, he got his master degree in Architecture in the Sapienza University, Rome. He works as a freelancer and in association with design studios, where he is in charge of drafting and developing strategic plans and urban planning. He sees his profession as an analysis of all manufacturing processes and respect towards raw materials.

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